Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Videos from Roatan

Now that I am sitting at the airport on my way to Cozumel, Mexico for some more diving, I figured I had better post some of the videos from our Roatan, Honduras trip earlier this month.

We have an octopus:

Next, we have some big groupers:

And finally Jessica and Lane dancing:

I will upload a few more while we are in Cozumel if I can, otherwise I will when I get back.

(edited: I tried to upload more videos, but it just won't let me.)

--Sarah-- (15 days to go and I will be in Cozumel for 11 of them!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back from Roatan, Honduras

Our trip to Roatan was fantastic! Mom, Jess, and I did 17 dives each and Danny did 19. Mom, Jess, and I stayed in a little cabin on the key that looked out over the water. We had a deck with three hammocks. Danny had something similar but a little smaller on the island. We went back and forth between the island and the key with a water taxi. The pool was on the key side but the food was usually on the island side. We saw octopi, eels, turtles, lots of fish, crabs, lobster, seahorses, we pet dolphins, and we swam with a pod of about 15-20 pilot whales! We also rode horses on the beach, ate delicious food, kayaked in the ocean, and enjoyed everyone's company. Here are some pictures of the highlights.

(28 days until the big move!)