Saturday, August 21, 2010

798, Hubbub, and Views

I went to an area in Beijing called 798 last weekend. This is the art district where there are lots of little shops, exhibits, spray paint, and sculptures. I didn't take very many photos so I will definitely have to go back and take some more. It was really hot but a nice, sunny, blue sky day. My friend, Fiona, and I had lunch outside on a patio and walked around until we were too hot.

I moved to a new apartment a week before school got out in June. I'll have to be careful here with all their lobby rules:

Also, here are a couple of photos of the view from my apartment. The first one is the building across the way in June and the second one in August.


Friday, August 6, 2010


So, what else happened between getting engaged in early July until early August when I flew back to Beijing? A lot of relaxing and hanging out in Santa Cruz mostly.

I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with my wonderful friend Amelia. I love the jellyfish there, as you can also see here and here.

Jon and I took his dog Gypsy to the beach where they chased each other around in the surf and then came and dried themselves off on me.

I also met and was able to stay unscathed by Jon's cat, Dori.

Jon and I went to his friends' wedding.

We also went to the zoo where he turned into a giraffe and complained I was taking too long to take his picture. Really, I was just waiting from him to make this fantastic expression:

He took me to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk where I grabbed the metal rings while riding the carousel and tried to toss them into the clown's mouth. If you know what I'm talking about - you've done it too, I bet!

I also had some time to catch up with friends and family. I managed to catch two of Uncle Steve's games this summer - one the day I arrived from China and the other the evening before I left to return to China.

This is my last year over here in China before I move back to California. There are still a few adventures here I want to have before heading back so stay tuned! And if you are thinking about visiting while I'm here, you better hurry up!