Thursday, April 3, 2008

You can read it, I might not be able to

I have uploaded photos from my family's trip to Fiji last November onto my Flickr site (check my links on the right hand side of this blog) and photos from my trip to the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon during my spring break. Check them out! If you sign up for Flickr (free), you can leave comments and upload your own photos. Otherwise you can look at my photos and leave comments here.

If I have access to Flickr from China, I will put collections of photos up on that site in addition to some photos here. Hopefully, I will have access to this site in China. The government blocks many sites, including Wikipedia I've heard, so I won't know for sure until I get there. Sometimes you can access sites one day and not the next. My backup plan is to email my blog directly to this site so friends and family can read it (just not me!) or if that fails, email my blog to a friend or family member and have them post it for me.

I will probably try not to post anything that the government might deem blockable on here so that I have less of a chance of having my blog completely blocked. From what I have read, some blogger sites are blocked while others are okay....for now. Sites become blocked for months and then unblocked without explanation. It is definitely a situation that I admit I have not thought much about until recently. I don't want to get into any trouble during my stay, so I won't blog much about certain situations...unless it is in vague terms that you will have to creatively interpret.

132 days to go!


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wow, amazing to think it's only 4,500 years old!