Monday, August 11, 2008

Cozumel 2008

Jessica and I took off to Cozumel on July 30th and returned home on August 9th. We both had a great time. I did 22 dives and Jessica did a few less than that. The hotel where we stayed had a great pool and we both spent some time there (Jessica a little more).

I was there to compete in the Ultimate Diver Challenge and made it to the top ten divers! I also competed in the photo challenge and won a prize for this photo of Jessica and a turtle:

Another benefit of participating in the photo challenge was learning the names of more fish. One part of the challenge was to find and take a picture of 20 different fish, about half of which I didn't know until this trip. I learned about other fish which were not part of the challenge as well, like this secretary blenny:

He was tiny, his little head smaller than my little finger nail. I think my underwater photography in general improved quite a bit on this trip. I definitely paid a lot more attention to how I should set up shots and use my flash. So, in a few days, check out my flickr site again and check out the photos! Also, all the Roatan photos will be up very soon on flickr.

--Sarah-- (3 days to go!)


Mariah and Gary Schmidt said...

You definitely should have won that photo contest!! Look forward to seeing the rest of your pics.

Mariah and Gary Schmidt said...

You definitely should have won the photo contest! How fun!!!

Amelia said...

Gorgeous photos taken by a gorgeous girl! Just another exciting adventure in the life of Sarah Smith!