Saturday, November 15, 2008

Forbidden City, Neat Buildings, and a Visitor!

My cousin Hallie came through China during her Semester at Sea program and we were able to meet up last weekend. She is my uncle Joe's brother's daughter, so a cousin of a cousin. I took her and her friend to see some sites around Beijing. We saw the Forbidden City:

Tian'anmen Square:

Wangfujing (the Night Market) where you can see lots of things on sticks to eat. Although, these poor guys don't look quite ready to eat yet:

I also took them to see the Egg (National Center for the Arts) and to visit the Olympic Green where the Bird's Nest and Water Cube are still lit up every night:

I didn't take the girls to see the new CCTV tower, but I drove by it in a taxi a couple weeks ago. Apparently the nickname the Chinese have given to it is Big Underpants:

It is a pretty amazing looking building. It also connects at the bottom, opposite from the top.

Coming up: I am traveling to Xi'an in two weeks. This is where I will see the Terracotta Warriors.


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