Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let's get caught up

On December 5th, I met Jane Goodall. I went to a dinner fund raiser where she spoke and she signed a couple books for me. She was great! I only have a blurry picture of us.

The following weekend was our staff Winter Party. I had a dress made for the evening which was much less of a hassle than shopping for one here. I got a card from another teacher to show to the driver of the car we hired. He didn't know where the place was so he called and got directions. We arrived at an apartment building and went up to the third floor. Inside were about 8 or 10 sewing machines being used by that many workers. We showed the people the pictures of the dresses we wanted (I printed mine off from Nordstroms' website) and they checked them out to see if they could replicate them. Next, they measured us up and we chose our fabric. We came back a week later and the dresses were nearly finished. We tried them on again and got the fit perfect. They ended up having to completely redo the skirt part of my dress because I didn't like it. We came back two days later and the dresses were finished and beautiful! All that for less than $60! Here I am with friends.

I think that gets us caught up with China happenings. Christmas posts to come!


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jessica said...

Both of those stories are cool. How amazing to have met her though!