Sunday, March 15, 2009

Temple Fair in February

It seems that I need to update again and let everyone know the recent happenings over here in 北京. (Hopefully your computer can recognize Chinese characters or that last bit may have looked completely different than I planned.)

Back in February, my school put on the annual Temple Fair. This day was to celebrate the Chinese New Year and there were lots of booths on the playground for the kids to visit. There were also some acts to entertain us.

Here we have a stilt-walker who was so talented she could even text message while stilt-walking!

Here is a very tall unicyclist unicycling around things.

The yam seller cooking up the best treat at the fair.

Here is a boy playing keep-away from the lion.

Here is a short video of the lion dance as well.

I will try to get more of the February and early March updates up this week. Remember to check my flickr site as well to see many more pictures! The link is on the right side of this page. My mom comes to visit on Saturday! I will be sure to post our adventures in Beijing while she is visiting me!


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