Friday, August 21, 2009

Africa Part III: Kids

We stopped along our route to visit a place where women were working to dye wool and then use it to make scarves, rugs, etc. On the drive, I saw the child with the green shirt walking on the side of the road. I think he is a little boy and I love that he has a notebook in his hand. I wish I hadn't cut his feet off in the picture, but we were driving at the time so I am lucky I got him at all. At the spinners and weavers place, the little girl with the purple hat was sitting with a couple of women. She seemed very shy but we got a big smile out of her when we showed her our cameras with her picture on the screen.

Next to the spinners and weavers, was a school we were not planning to visit. But, as we were waving at the kids, they came to wave at us and the teacher invited us to come see their classroom. These kids were darling and surrounded us pretty quickly saying, "Wow! Wow!" They showed us their classroom and smiled for lots of pictures. I have visited schools in several countries and it is usually where I have some of my best memories of the place.

We also happened to arrive just when a group of older school children were leaving. Our guide got them to sing a song for us.


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Anonymous said...

maybe they can tell they have a natural teacher in their presence
- Danny