Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Africa Part V: Flamingos and other birds of our trip

Apparently the plural for flamingo can be spelled either flamingos or flamingoes. Both forms are attested, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Either way you spell it, we saw a bunch of them, both Greater and Lesser. We traveled from the Ol Pejeta Conservancy to Lake Nakuru National Park. We saw the flamingos, we pretended to be flamingos, and we even got our driver and guide to pose as flamingos.

Other interesting birds we saw during the whole Kenya/Tanzania trip include:

Kori Bustard

African Fish-Eagle




Pink-backed Pelican

Egyptian Goose

Lilac-breasted Roller


Superb Starling

Crested Crane

Guinea fowl

Saddle-bill Stork

Ground Hornbill


Marabou Stork
We decided that a group of Marabou Storks should be called a 'cast'.

That is all for your birding lesson for today.


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