Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back in CA then MA then CA again!

I arrived back in California with just barely enough time to do some wedding shopping, see Mariah and the twins, see Jon, and jump back on a plane to go to Massachusetts for Leah's wedding. It was great spending almost a week with Leah - helping with the preparations, catching up with what's been going on, and just being in her company, even if we were busy getting everything ready for her wedding.

Brunch with the ladies:

Out-of-towners' dinner:

Getting her in the dress:

Wedding party:

Next, it was back to California. My uncle Geoffrey got married the weekend after Leah, so I got to spend about a week down in Redlands with Emily and my southern California family.

I got to see Jessica's garden:

Mom, Emily, and I got Nate water, coffee, and pizza while he waited in line for 7 hours for a new iPhone. When he came out without one due to a snafu on billing address vs. phone number, Emily and I sent him back in. No way were we waiting around for 7 hours with no iPhone to show for it:
Mom and and Emily met Jon:

Geoff and Heidi's wedding was on the beach in La Jolla and their reception was the following day at his house in Del Mar.

Up next: The Backpacking Adventure with surprise ending!


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