Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beijing Time & Skype

I added Beijing Time to my blog on the right. Whenever I get an email from someone from my school or I am expecting one, I start thinking about what time it is in Beijing (+15 hours from California Time). So, now when you want to see if it is a good time to try to Skype me or call me, you can check my blog quickly and see what I might be up to.

Also, if you want to talk to me while I am in China, Skype would be a good thing to download. You can call me for free that way. All you need is a microphone and speakers. If you get a little webcam, you will be able to see me while you are talking to me too! Check it out at

87 days to go!



pop rocks said...

Happy Birthday!

Alexis O'Neill said...

Hi Sarah! Congratulations on earning your MA and on your upcoming trip to China. What wonderful adventures are to come! Loved the film of your cousin's new baby. Gorgeous. Keep in touch. Best always - ALEXIS