Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leah and her 'Rents Visit - Part I: National Day

Leah and her parents flew over for about a week and a half during my October holiday. They arrived the night before the big celebration so I was glad that I was able to collect them at the airport and get back to my apartment without any trouble. Wait, did I say without any trouble? I collected them fine. We got a taxi fine. But, the taxi broke just as we were getting off the highway. We had to get out and get all our stuff and flag down another one. Then, that one was inches from slamming into a little red car who cut us off. Inches! We did make it home and I swore to them that every taxi ride in China is not that eventful.

The next morning was the National Holiday. We watched the parade on my TV and then looked out from my balcony to see what we could see. I already posted about that here.
After the parade was over, we walked up the street for some lunch. Richelle, Leah's mom, decided that she must try the mashed potatoes with strawberry sauce. It tasted as you would expect mashed potatoes with strawberry sauce to taste - not very good. But the strawberry sauce was tasty with other dishes, so it wasn't all a loss.
After lunch, we headed over to the Temple of Heaven. I was a bit worried that traffic would be terrible or roads would be blocked since the parade had just finished, but instead, we got there in record time and the place was not very crowed at all. It was my first time there as well.
After the Temple of Heaven, we walked across the street to the Pearl Market, but it was closed. So, we rode the subway to Yashow Market. Some of the subway lines were still closed due to the National Day festivities but eventually we made it to Yashow Market, but it was closed too. Grrr. National Day. Since we were already in the Village area, we decided to have dinner at Ganges - delicious Indian food. After dinner, we dropped Leah's dad, Roger, off at the apartment and Leah, Richelle, and I went for foot massages. Early the next morning, we headed to the airport to fly down to Shanghai.


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