Friday, November 6, 2009


I know I'm about a month late on posting this stuff but better late than never right?  We had had terrible pollution leading up to the National Holiday.  The night before the holiday, my friend Leah and her parents arrived and I warned them that the pollution has been awful.  But, early the next morning, the skies were amazingly blue and Beijing was ready for the parade!  These pictures were taken in my apartment while we watched the parade on TV.

After watching the parade on TV for a while, we heard some noise outside and saw some of the aircraft on the way to the parade.

Then we heard some more noise and saw the tanks driving right past my apartment on their way back from the parade.  We went down to the street to take some pictures.


P.S.  I am working on moving this site some place else.  I am getting too frustrated with blogger.  I'll let you know where it goes.

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