Friday, February 19, 2010

Back to Delhi - End of Three Weeks in India

When we arrived back in Delhi, we were surprised to see that the weather had changed so much. It was now chilly and very foggy all day long. On the way from the airport, we went directly to shopping at an area recommended to us by several people. At Dilli Haat, there were lots of little stands in a clean environment. We were very happy but we didn't buy much.

We stayed again at our friend of a friend's apartment and again it was great to have a place to call home while in Delhi - even for just a couple of nights. I looked around to see if I could figure out where I would hang out, shop, and go out to dinners if I worked at this school and lived here. I found a couple places but not the variety I have in Beijing. We found Delhi to be dirtier and had many more beggars than Beijing (where I hardly ever see any at all).

We tried to see the Qutb Minar, but it was pretty foggy. We could barely even make out the top. The Qutb Minar is a nearly 73m tower that was started in 1193.

Next, we went to the Baha'i temple that is shaped like a lotus. It was completed in 1986 and is barely seen through the fog in the photo below. The Baha'i philosophy revolves around universal peace and the elimination of prejudice. Photos were not allowed inside the temple (neither was talking), but I can tell you that it was beautiful and peaceful.

Finally, we went back to Old Delhi to have a rickshaw ride around the small streets to get some photos.

Later, we met up with a guy who knows a guy who Carol met in Vietnam. He was great and took us out to a restaurant in an area where I would definitely hang out if I lived in Delhi.

We woke up early in the morning to head back to Beijing. And thus concludes my India trip. More photos might be added when I get them from the friends I traveled with, especially ones of me.

More photos at flickr.



Nathaniel said...

The hazy pics are great :)

Anonymous said...

That's so cool that you went to the Baha'i temple! - CACM

Sarah Grace said...

I thought of Naysan's clan while I was there. :)