Monday, February 8, 2010

Pushkar, India - Ghats and Colors

We arrived in Pushkar in time for lunch before heading to the ghats. Unfortunately, because they hardly got any rain during the last monsoon season, there was no water in the lake! We also heard that they drained it to clean it up, but whatever the case, it made for less picturesque views without reflections. Oh well, the sunset was still nice. You can hear some of the drumming and music playing in the video below.
There were all sorts of people around the ghats - some selling trinkets, some playing music. It made for great people-watching.

Other than visiting the ghats, we shopped and walked throughout the little, winding streets and ate at rooftop restaurants to catch some more views. We had to watch ourselves so we didn't get bothered by the cows, camels, or monkeys around. I had another close call with a bull here. While I was distracted, one walked by me linking its horn through my camera strap. Luckily, I got away unscathed this time.

The views from up above were interesting. We could see the market, buildings of different colors, and kids flying kites.

And when we were tired, we went back to our hotel.

The colors here were really beautiful. More photos at flickr.


P.S. Catherine wanted me to make a joke using the name of this city but I couldn't think of anything. I leave it up to you, dear readers, yes - all 5 of you, to make up a Pushkar joke and post it in the comments. Ready? Go.


Russell Shaffer said...

If their cars keep breaking down, why don't they just get bikes?

Sarah Grace said...

Good one!

Mike and Nikki said...

I don't have a clever name for you, but your pictures are beautiful! What is stacked up in the tall colorful columns? Is it sand? Were they selling it? I hope you are doing well! Pending board approval for my job share, it looks like I am going to be teaching kindergarten at Laurel Creek next year. I'm excited!!!

Sarah Grace said...

The colorful columns are for making into paint.

Good luck with the job share approval!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't come up with one either! I like Russell's joke though. Credit.


p.s. what's a baht?

Anonymous said...

Ghat! I meant to ask what's a ghat... but if there is such a thing as a baht feel free to tell me about that too. I want to say that's a currency in southeastern Asia, but I am too ignorant to know for sure. Thailand maybe?

Sarah Grace said...

You are correct on the baht. Thailand it is! I'll spend some in March.

'Ghat' is Hindi for 'steps' and refers to the steps that lead down to water - or in Pushkar to dirt. We sat on the ghats when we watched the sunset.

Anonymous said...


What do you do when you run out of ghats? Go to Pushkar!

Anonymous said...

I guess I came up with one after all. Good ol ghats. :)