Friday, September 24, 2010

Making Applesauce

What do you do with 9 apples from an organic orchard that are very quickly going bad? Decide to make applesauce for the first time!

Wash, peel, and core all apples.

Be proud of yourself when you manage to get a peel all in one piece.

Wish you had one of these but feel happy you at least have one of these:

Cut up apples into smaller pieces.
Heat up water in a pot and throw some cinnamon in.
Throw the apple pieces in.

Set your timer for every ten minutes so you can come and check on the apples but not have to sit in the quickly warming up kitchen. Enjoy your lillies while you are not checking on the apples.

Stir apples pieces when you check on them - sometimes.

Accidentally post to your blog when you only have notes and not the actual blog post. (Was anyone lucky enough to see it? I bet it went out to RSS feeds everywhere! Or at least to the 17 people who are subscribed. 17? Nice!)

Enjoy the smell of apples and cinnamon coming from your kitchen. When the apples are smooshy enough, drain the excess water. Using a fork if that is your only smooshing device or a better one if you've got one, smoosh up the apples until they are smooshed to your liking.

Top with a little more cinnamon and eat up while it's still warm.


Mike and Nikki said...

It looks like it turned out yummy! Well done on using the apples!

Mariah Schmidt said...

you tried to copy the girls' preschool class! I guess yours looks as yummy as the girls'...MISS YOU!

Sarah Grace said...

Whatever Mariah! The preschool totally copied ME! Miss you too! See you in December!