Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome to Autumn!

We have just finished Mid-Autumn Festival here, which somehow also coincided with the beginning of Autumn. I guess that's better than having the Mid-Autumn Festival weeks before autumn begins at all.

I received several mooncakes my first year here and wrote about them. Last year, I don't remember having any except for an ice cream one at Haagen-Dazs. This year two of my students brought me mooncakes. The first one was a small chocolate one, about two inches across. I only got through two small bites before putting it away. My student asked why I wasn't finishing it. I told her that I was saving it for later.

The second one was beautiful with little golden flakes.

Would this one taste better since it was so pretty? Nope. I wasn't able to even get a bite down at all before it went to the same place as the chocolate one. Oh well. I guess mooncakes are just not for me.



Edwin Mercado said...

What do they taste like? They look pretty good.

Anonymous said...

But they LOOK so delicious....


Sarah Grace said...

I bet you could find some over there too. The worst ones in my opinion are the ones with the egg yolk in the middle. The best one had some seeds and nuts and maybe a date paste. I like red bean, but the red bean ones are usually terrible too. I don't think I could explain what they taste like without having some in my mouth longer than I can stand. Sorry.