Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

Chinese New Year fireworks go on every night for two weeks. Some people here start complaining about them after the first few days and quite often by the first week or so. I love them! My only complaint is when they set off really exciting sounding ones after I've already gone to bed. I can't help jumping up again and looking out the window so I tend to get less sleep for a couple weeks. It is pretty amazing seeing the magnitude of these fireworks right out on the street between buildings. I'll definitely miss these when I move home to where even sparklers are illegal!

Here are some photos and video I took last year when I lived on the second floor and the fireworks were being set off right outside my window.

This year I moved all the way across the street and up to the 30th floor. I had a buildings in the way more often this year but I could see more fireworks being set off around the city.

Here is my video from this year. (I think last year's video is better though.)

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Super L said...

I totally agree, how can you complain about something as cool as these fireworks? At one point last month, we could see 8 separate sets of fireworks going off at one time from the boys balcony. One of my favorite things about living here.