Friday, October 2, 2009

Africa IX: Serengeti: Lions, Lions, and Lions - Oh My!

(Still having issues with loading pictures and videos and with formatting in general. Not sure if it is a blogger thing or an issue I am having while I am over here.) I switched back to the old version of Blogger so I can upload videos again!

After our brief stop at the Ngorongoro Crater, we arrived at the Serengeti National Park. The number of lions we saw here blew us away. I think one fellow traveler counted 60 over the three days we were here.

This lioness has a collar because she is being tracked. She was our first up-close lioness. We were very excited. She was right outside my window!

We were able to see a group of about 15 lion cubs sitting on a hill waiting for their moms to return from hunting. We were told that seeing this many cubs is very unusual.

We saw some lionesses hanging out on a rock.

We saw a lioness stalking her prey.... but the prey got away. It jumped up and ran away just as another vehicle arrived. I think the lioness looked right at the vehicle, annoyed at her loss of food.

I have a video of it as well, but it seems that blogger has removed that option. You can go here to see the video of the lioness hunting or just watch it here now that I can upload video again.

You can also see a video of two smaller elephants pushing this big elephant - here.

This lion reminded me of Aslan.

This picture gives you an idea of just how close we really were to the lions. This is a picture of another vehicle in our group.

We saw some Maasai rock paintings. I especially like the bicycle, or maybe it is a skateboard.

Amelia and I played around a bit when we stole our guide's machete.

It was sometimes chilly in the mornings on the Serengeti game drives.

We had some close calls in the vehicles again.

Mom was a good spotter.

After a day of driving and game drives, we were all tired.... even the lionesses.

Each day, when we thought about what we had seen and what we were experiencing, we thought about how lucky we were to be on the trip. We thought each day that it could not possibly get better or more amazing. Each day it did!

More pictures at flickr.


P.S. Can you tell I am running out of steam on my Africa posts? One more. I can do it!

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