Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Africa Part X: Ngorongoro Crater - Award for Least Descriptive

Last stop.  I really should have finished this whole series months or at least weeks ago before I got back to school.  This post is going to be of the minimalist variety.

Our last stop on our African adventure was to the Ngorongoro Crater. 

We saw lots of ostriches.

We saw lots of zebras.

We saw lots of wildebeests.

We saw several crested cranes.

And we saw a few Red-Headed Agama Lizards - which are very entertaining when they are trying to mate.

Finally, Amelia and I started thinking about where to go next.

There!  It's done!  There is more to share, but really, I've just got to move on to the next things.  Really.

More pictures at flickr.


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