Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tianjin: China in China

On September 12th, I took the fast train to Tianjin with other teachers from my school.  It takes longer to get from my apartment to the train station than it takes to get from Beijing to Tianjin.  We got going pretty fast.

When we got to Tianjin, we headed over to the China House.  This place is a building covered with pieces of china.  Plates, rice bowls, vases, broken pieces made into mosaics of cloud-talking turtles - you name it.

My favorite picture from Tianjin:

Some neat doors:

There was one balcony made from interlocking pieces of wood.  No nails.

After visiting this museum-of-sorts, we had lunch and then went shopping on the ancient-but-recently-renovated-Disneyland-esque-version of an ancient shopping street.  They had good prices though.

Outside the fast train on the way home, we saw some of the flying practice for the PRC's anniversary celebration.

More pictures at flickr.


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