Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hou Hai for the Mid-Autumn Festival

My school organized a trip to an area of Beijing called Hou Hai to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. We left from the school and arrived in Hou Hai in the early evening. We walked around the lake to find a restaurant for dinner. My group went to a Vietnamese place that a couple of us had been to before and loved. It was the same restaurant where I had my picture taken in the rickshaw chair in one of the last blogs I posted. Again, the food was delicious.

After dinner, we met up with the rest of the group from school and got ready for our boat ride on the lake in Hou Hai. I really like walking around Hou Hai. There are lots of little shops, restaurants, and bars. There are older people playing instruments and singing. Some also are ballroom dancing on the sidewalks. This time there was a large group of people of all ages playing hackysack with little feathered hackies.

The weather was fantastic and soon it was time for our boat ride. Our group took up 4 or 5 boats and on each boat was a musician playing a different instrument. Our boats stayed pretty close to each other the whole time so we could hear all the different instruments during the ride. We also tasted moon cakes on the boats. Again, none tasted very good to me or anyone else on my boat. We ended up giving all our uneaten moon cakes to the musician and rower of our boat.

There are more pictures of Hou Hai and lots more of everything I'm doing in China on my flickr site. There is a link on the right hand side of this site.


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