Saturday, September 13, 2008

Paralympic Games

I got a few free tickets to go see Athletics at the Paralympic Games today. Athletics are held in the Bird's Nest, so I got to hang out on the Olympic Green and at the Bird's Nest again, this time in the morning. It was kind of a muggy day, but we had a great time. We saw some running and some discus throwing.

I liked the way the Bird's Nest reflected in the water nearby. I wish I had seen that at night, I bet it would have been a nice picture with the Bird's Nest all lit up. Good thing I live here. I have a pretty good chance of being there again at night and getting the picture I want.

Of course, we had to take the obligatory Beijing Olympics 2008 picture of us holding the torch. Unfortunately, you can't see the flame very well on this picture, but it was there!

Again, there were lots of kids playing in the fountains between the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube. This little girl was so cute.

After watching the Olympics in the morning, we headed out of the Green to find some lunch. This sign was in the bathroom. We had a great lunch with way too much food. When we tried to pay, one of our hundreds got returned to us. The waitress said it was a fake. The hundred note is the largest one in China and apparently there are a lot of fakes around. The three of us have been getting our money from the ATM at school and that is the only place that we could have received this note. It also had a little tear in it, so we tried to use it again thinking maybe that the waitress just didn't like the tear. But the taxi guy wouldn't take it and neither would the massage place. (That's right, we went for another massage after going shopping after lunch.) I am planning on talking to the Business Office at school and see what can be done with a fake hundred from the bank's ATM at school.

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Catherine said...

Wha...? Is the chinese word for "throw up" and "using the facilities" similar and the meaning of the sign got mixed up in translation or something? Not to say that it's not always good to infuse after throwing up, of course ....