Saturday, September 27, 2008

Things I like about Beijing

I have been here for 45 days now. I think it is time to make a quick list of some things I like!

1) My ayi who does the grocery shopping, ironing, cleans the sheets, makes the bed, does the dishes, vacuums, cleans the whole apartment.
2) That I (my ayi) can buy 4-5 asian pears for the equivalent of about a dollar and they are so juicy and delicious. I hope they are in season all year long.
3) So many different restaurants with all types of food.
4) Every day is an adventure when you understand only a few words of Mandarin!
5) So much to explore!
6) Chopsticks

This week, we have staff development on Monday and Tuesday and the rest of the week off. I am heading off to Guilin, Yangshuo, and visiting the Reed Flute Cave among other places.


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