Sunday, December 6, 2009

Leah and her 'Rents Visit - Part IV: Pingyao

We arrived to Pingyao the next morning. It was chilly and rainy but I was excited to show Leah and her parents a very different Chinese city compared to the large cities they had seen so far. This was the second time I had been to Pingyao. The first was in March when my mom came to visit.

We had breakfast at our guesthouse before venturing out to explore the old city. Pingyao is a great city to wander around in and shop in all the little stores.

We saw this guy again. When my mom and I were here last time, he sold us carved stamps for one quai each. This time, he asked for 60 quai. I told him that he sold stamps to us for one quai back in March. He responded in Chinese, "That was March, now is October!" and wouldn't budge from his price.

We also saw some cute kids.

We saw these people jumping over a wooden structure. They would go around three times or more and jump through. Good luck maybe? One lady had some trouble jumping over.

I left Leah and her parents here to spend one night while I flew back to Beijing to go back to work. They had a great time continuing their exploration of Pingyao before they also flew back to Beijing.

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Anonymous said...

interesting about the price increase.
i wonder if that was local or global conditions reflecting the price increase - or just plain unstability.

Anonymous said...

or just plain tourist-fleecing :)

Sarah Grace said...

The October holiday is tourist season, so I don't doubt it. Naturally, we didn't buy any with a price like that. You have much more bargaining power when you don't need something. :)