Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well, family and friends, the amount of time you have with a free place to stay in Beijing has just been extended. Yesterday, I signed a new contract for the 2010-2011 school year. I will definitely be here until June 2011. Let me know when you are coming over!



Mike and Nikki said...

This is sad news for me as you are going to be really far away for another year, but congrats on making that decision! Hey, are you coming home for Christmas? Hope so!!!!

Sarah Grace said...

I won't be home until the summer. I am going to visit India for Christmas. Send me a family picture!

Anonymous said...

Let me know how it feels to turn the big three-oh in china!

A couple of longtime friends, Ben and Gordie, are exploring india together for most of a year (November 09 to Marchish) maybe you'll run into two white guys, forget where they are (but they probably don't know either). People have told me to go off and explore and I have told myself as well, but can't quite do it. Why is it the best advice is so hard to follow sometimes?