Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dad and Jess Begin Their Trip

Dad and Jessica made it safely to Beijing on Saturday evening. They had their temperature checked around four or five times before they made it out of the airport. Since they have been at my apartment, I have had two cell phone calls checking up on them as well.

Here is Dad getting a taste for a Chinese brew.

Everyone got their temperatures checked before getting off the plane and then several times before they got out of the airport. Yea! No quarantine!

I picked them up and brought them home to my new apartment. We walked across the street for some groceries and they made it until 9pm to go to bed. Dad thought that the jetlag would not be too bad but I warned them they may be up earlier than usual the next morning. Sure enough, around 2am both Dad and Jess were wide awake. They have done pretty well though and getting up early to go sight-seeing is a good thing.

--Sarah, Dad, and Jessica--

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