Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday: Rest, Massages, and Pollution

Thursday of Dad and Jessica's trip was pretty boring.  Dad got a cold on the flight over so by Thursday he needed a resting day.  I showed Jessica the Beijing nightlife on Wednesday night until Thursday morning so we didn't mind a relaxing day either.  Also the weather was terrible and rained pretty hard a few times during the day.  I had high hopes for the rain to clear the air, but the air was pretty bad until the Monday we left town.

In the evening, I took Jessica to my favorite massage place for a foot massage.  We loved it.

I don't have any photos of the massage or the hanging out at home, but I do have these gorgeous pictures of the terrible day.  I'll add the pictures I took on the day we flew home when we had the best weather of the trip so you can see the difference.  Some are zoomed in.

I think this also happened on Thursday.  This is the sink in the master bathroom of my apartment.  Rusty pipes.....  

It cleared up eventually.  What a gross Thursday!

--Sarah, Dad, & Jessica--

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Gabby Girl said...

Wow. Those pipes were awfully dirty!!