Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday: Dirt Market and Chaoyang Park

Sunday morning I took Dad and Jess to the Dirt Market and to the park near my apartment.

Jessica liked the old clocks and bought a couple.

We liked the calligraphy brushes too and I bought a few.

There were a few cute split-pant kids running around.

Lots of things to look at and buy!

Jessica and Dad making a Beijing phone call.

After the Dirt Market, we headed over to Chaoyang Park. We walked from my apartment to the nearby park. We passed Fat Mother on the way.

It is really nice to have a big green park in the middle of the city! It even has clean dustbins!

We took pictures by the lake.

Dad relaxed on the grass and Jessica found a tree.

Jessica liked the ladybug bathrooms and the Rubix Cube snack stalls.

And the brooms.

Fun Sunday!

--Sarah, Dad, and Jessica--

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Mike and Nikki said...

FUN!!!! I'm glad that your dad and sister were able to make a trip to see you! It looks like you saw lots of neat things. Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!!!!!!