Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friday: Ethnic Park and Hou Hai

On Friday, we decided to visit the Ethnic Minorities Park near the Olympic Green.  Dad had heard about the park and it was the only place he asked to make sure we visited.  The park was started as part of China's bid for the 2000 Olympics and became more complete before the 2008 Olympics.  In the park, there are the 55 minorities of China represented by their housing, customs, song, dance, handicrafts, and foods.

The park was mostly deserted and there was a bit of a drizzle at times so the dances and music of the ethnic groups were not going on while we were there.  The only group we were able to watch was the Tibetan group.  The music, dancing, and clothing were fantastic. 

Here are some other pictures of the empty park.

Maybe we should have had a clue that no one was around when this was what the subway looked like on our way:

After the Ethnic Park, we took the subway over to Hou Hai.  I knew that Dad and Jessica would like this area.  This is where I went ice-biking in January and on a boat for the Moon Festival in September.  There is a lake and lots of trees.  We went to a little bar called the No Name Bar where you can sit and people watch.  We were also watched by people.  A few people even took a look as they walked by then walked by a second or third time to get a better look at us.

We had dinner out in Hou Hai as well.  On our walk to the street to catch a cab we got to see lots of local folks out having fun.  Some were practicing their ballroom dancing skills while others were playing with the feather hackeys they sell here.  Jessica bought a few of those to bring back to the States.

--Sarah, Dad, and Jessica--

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