Sunday, June 7, 2009

Silkworms and Moths

The students in my class have been learning about insects so we have had pets for several weeks while we observe their life cycles. We started off with mealworms which became pupas and finally darkling beetles.

A few weeks into our mealworm observations we got silkworms. They quickly spun their cocoons and later emerged as moths. Once moths, they quickly mated, laid eggs, and died.

Great way to teach the kids about life cycles, insects, reproduction, and death! Now that we are in our last week of school (and all the moths have died anyway) we have to take care of the other insects. The moth eggs get put in the fridge until next year when they will hatch and we will get to see the tiny silkworms emerge. We tell the students that the beetles will be taken care of. And they will be "taken care of" if you get my drift. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to release them into the wild. Poor beetles.


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