Thursday, June 25, 2009

Saturday: Summer Palace

We began our Saturday at the Summer Palace.  This is the second time I have visited.  The first time was with my mom in March.  The Summer Palace is a pretty large area though so I saw some things I had seen before and some new things as well.  This time it was pretty crowded and hot.  

We found neat doorways and bridges.

This guy was writing calligraphy with a wet brush.  When several kids were watching, he painted bunnies on the ground with his water brush.  He had a pouch attached to his waist so that water could be added to the brush when needed.

Jessica with the Marble Boat:

Of course we saw the Summer Palace itself.

Here's a video Jessica took in the Suzhou Street area.  We liked hearing the flute music while we walked around the palace grounds.

After the Summer Palace, Dad headed home and Jessica and I went shopping.  Walking around where we were shopping, Jessica got a chance to see the exercise equipment that is in little parks around the city.  I usually see older people using this equipment.

That was pretty much it for Saturday!

--Sarah, Dad, & Jessica--

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